Your Story Is Our Story

The Numbers Speak Volumes

According to the US Department of Health and World Health Organization’s research, there is a silent pandemic that continues to live behind the scenes in our country. One that we cannot ignore any longer.

There are over 450 million people living with depression and another 300 million diagnosed with anxiety, and almost 10 million cases diagnosed each year. As a result, we are now seeing 1 in 5 men turn to substance abuse as a coping mechanism, 1 in 5 women have experienced a mental health condition this year alone, and more adults are being diagnosed with alcohol abuse disorder than ever due to the uncertain changing dynamics of home and work life balance.

Addiction does not discriminate. It affects every socioeconomic demographic, race, religion, gender and community. We see a huge increase in alcoholism and drug abuse within the corporate and executive world with $193 billion dollars in lost earnings and productivity due to unhealthy workforces stemming from mental health disorders. With only 2% of all adults seeking help, the time for change is now.

Happy woman resting head on hands

Addiction is the silent pandemic that continues to grow, yet rages in silence. It happens to the strongest of leaders, the greatest of parents, and the biggest of hearts. So why is it so hard for us to connect to the ones we love the most, that need it the most, that fight it the most?

This is the very foundation that led us to build this courageous community. Our voices have been silenced for far too long, and it takes brave confidence to use our voice, and transform into a new role and life for ourselves. This is why we EnCourage all of you to step InCourage, heal from the past, and embrace hope for the future. This is the origin of our name, Voices InCourage.

We need this community to come together and build a movement of hope and healing. This is what inspires us. This is why we are here. This is the place where courageous voices can impact the lives of our loved ones.

Welcome Home.