Why We’re Here

Why Did We Start This Movement?

Some of you who have experienced addiction or alcoholism in your family with a loved one, may have sought help from trusted resources and friends. Hopefully, you have found what you needed. For some of us, however, we did not. We either didn’t discover the right fit, struggled to find reliable sources, or just needed something more. There are so many outlets for your loved one lost in addiction. But what’s out there for you? How do you find trustworthy people who have experienced what you’ve been through? That community is finally here.

Voices InCourage was founded by KL Wells. She is a successful advocate and entrepreneur, but more importantly a mom; a mom of an addict. In the midst of heartbreak, she desperately needed access to a safe community to help navigate her way through the journey of her son’s addiction. She quickly realized she was left to her own devices to cobble together a healthy path. KL firmly believes loved ones deserve and need as much help as the addict. She is our fearless leader who had the courage to “light the match” to create this movement. KL is honest, real, and well-intentioned.

Tucker Stine believes that our comebacks are our greatest givebacks. He is currently over five years sober, and wanted to share his journey to help families recover, heal, and thrive. Tucker found the moment he began living his truth about his past, doors opened up to new, life-changing opportunities. He discovered the life he’d been searching for was there all along and one step of courage changed the trajectory of everything.

Jenn Stine experienced first hand her husband’s battle with this disease for almost a decade. During that time, she was searching for a place to belong and share her story. Jenn’s passion lies in building a powerful community based on safety, honesty, and authenticity for families battling this disease. Once she let go of shame, guilt, and fear, she found her calling in sharing her truth. You will often find her busy writing about genuine real life stories and experiences to help those still in the trenches.

Steve Cary holds a passion for connecting people through the power of technology, but was looking for a greater calling, a part of something bigger. He understands that addiction affects us all, and there may be people in his circle suffering in silence. Even though they may be invisible to some or swept under the rug, he knows he can somehow have an impact. Steve has a big heart, and his smile can make you feel at ease almost instantly. He’s the technical architect behind the scenes, who makes this online opportunity possible for us.

Real Life Tools for Loving Someone With Addiction

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