February 24, 2022

The feeling of being stuck. When you have absolutely no control over his or her behaviors, actions, words, or their impact on you and your family. How does one actually step out of the storm, out of the chaos? 

Sometimes the hardest step is to simply make a choice.

There is no one right way, or cliff notes, or “how to” direction guide- it can be unique to each individual. One thing you can do is make a choice. 

No, I will not continue to interact with this absurd, erratic, and damaging behavior. I will not give it an audience. 

Sometimes, we may be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

If I react to it, I will feed into the frenzy. If I do not respond to it, he or she may get more irritated and loud because I am not participating. 

So, what do you do? There is no map.

Look within yourself for the answer.

Listen to that quiet voice inside that guides you. Simply begin by deciding to not be a part of this behavior and chaos. 

This situation and circumstance may look different for each person. Some may need to walk away, some may choose to call a friend, and some may seek help from another trusted source. 

In the end, believe in yourself. Have faith in your Higher Power. Trust your gut. Let go. 

And keep going… one simple step at a time.