June 13, 2023

We are what we listen to, read, absorb, and literally digest.

Most everyday you can catch me with my headphones on, or the music in my car blasting way above recommended level. Yes, this has led me to hearing loss, or so I am told constantly. 

Lots of people ask what’s on my playlist, rarely do I tell them. Because each song has been picked out individually one by one for a specific reason. They’re all different genres, and each one is personal to me for one reason or another.

I know the music I play very much can set and decide the tone of my day, the level I get to in my workout, and the mindset I bring to work and play. It’s a conscious choice that begins and ends my day, which is usually watching the sunset. 

It’s Not Just Music That Sets the Tone and Mindset

Recently, my trainer has been recommending SuperHero movies for me to watch. My first thought was, “Huh? I’m not 10.” 

But then I watched the first one, “Captain America: Winter Soldier.” It had me at hello. Actually, it had me at “On Your Left.” 

I’m now so deep into the Avenger series I cry when someone dies, and I yell at the TV when the guy doesn’t get the girl, which aggravatingly happens a lot.

Behave & Act as the Person You Wish to Become

I’m also reading the books he gives me, which are about treating your body like it’s your only one, so you better be good to it. I’ve learned in these books that someone else’s ceiling isn’t mine, and I need to move, behave, and act as the person I want to be.

The way I now move about in the world, think, and act is so different from before. 

Then & Now 

What I Used to Read:

Then: I didn’t. I didn’t have time. I was too exhausted trying to juggle everything.

Now: I have a stack of the books he gave me on my nightstand. Each one is about becoming better. And I dive deep into them. I highlight, take notes, and even get quotes and place them on my phone to remind me of things I don’t want to forget. 

What I Used to Eat:

Then: DoorDash was on speed dial. I even got the freakin’ yearly subscription. Yup. I did that.

Now: I go to Jimbo’s pretty much everyday for my green juice and fresh meat and vegetables. When I walk into the Jimbo’s juice counter Jessica just starts making my juice. I almost don’t even need to say anything except "Thank you.”

I also cut up fresh vegetables everyday, and I’m working on my BBQ skills, which my kids will tell you, still needs work. I try to do all my chopping and cooking right after a workout when I still have energy. And if work gets in the way, and I can’t do it til later, and suddenly it’s 5 pm and I really just wanna order a pizza, I usually curse my trainer’s name, but move my butt downstairs and start chopping.

What I Used to Watch:

Then: FBI Series. The original. Then “Most Wanted.” Also “International.” Now I’m not knocking the series. I actually think it’s great. But that’s all I was consuming. And I felt low after each viewing. I was literally dragging.

Now: I have watched all three Captain America movies. Thor Ragnarok. Both Dr. Strange movies. Avengers Endgame. And The Guardians of the Galaxy movies. And yes, I’ve cried in every single one because for some reason someone has to always die or a raccoon is being tortured. 

But yet they still somehow find a way to twist my side and mind in wanting to be better. Each and every time.

Because when I leave these movies, I’m uplifted. I don’t feel dragged down. I think, ”Damn. That was badass.” Because I’m watching someone who is stronger than me. And it makes me want to be stronger, too. I want to be better in body, mind, and spirit. I almost take it as a challenge.

This is what is working for me. Have you thought about what works for you?

All I know is I’m feeling stronger. I’m happier. My daughter actually said to me the other day as I was moving about in the kitchen, “Okay. I see you.” And that’s what I want. I want to model for both my kids healthy consumption in all aspects of life: living, eating, behaving, moving. I don’t want them to see mom lying on the couch. 

I want them to see me leveling up, surrounding myself with people who I find make me better. They say we act the most like the top five people we surround ourselves with, so I am very careful in my selection. 

Up Next is Spider-Man and the Iron Man Series

I do throw some romantic comedies in there from time to time. But life these days is pretty good. Who knew changing what I read (or didn’t read) and the movies I view would change and shift so much for me internally mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Finally, I’m learning the importance of being open to something new and consistently be on your toes. You never know what book or movie might change the trajectory of how you look, behave, and move. 

And always, always be aware of who’s on your left.