Memorable Podcasts & Lessons Learned

Here are some memorable quotes and lessons from interviews with both VIC members and guests from our podcasts in 2022. We discovered through it all that there is no perfect time to start asking for help, researching this disease, or taking care of yourself. Just find the courage to begin. 

Here are some memorable podcasts and quotes that just kind of “stuck with us” throughout 2022:

  1. “Our Secrets Keep Us Sick” ~ Podcast Episode 3 with VIC member Jeannie.
  1. “Don’t engage when drugs and alcohol are on board” ~ Podcast Episode 4 - “The Power of Vigilant Learning Through Addiction” with VIC members Joanne and Sarah.
  1. “You can’t scare somebody into sobriety, and there’s no formula for success. You also can’t save them, or allow them to ruin your life. Sometimes you gotta love from a distance. But still, never give up hope and stay connected.” ~ Podcast Episode 7 - Jeff Bristol on “Conquering Addiction: Never Lose Hope”.
  1. “We discover that we have the ability to take back our power, even in the most traumatic situations.” ~ Podcast Episode 12 - Bill Crawford on “Grieving the Shattered Dream”.
  1. “Simple gestures like breakfast in bed can help rebuild the trust back in relationships.” ~ Podcast Episode 13 - “Marriage and the Road to Recovery”.

Inside the Walls of VIC 2022

In addition to these powerful podcasts, we had internal conversations within our team as well. We discussed the unexpected. Like how the first two years after getting sober are almost the hardest and most challenging as when your loved one was drinking. And, emotional relapses are real, and can be just as tough as a physical one. 

Conversations like these open the door to recovery for both the loved one suffering from the disease as well as the family members. We are giving people permission to talk, and thus taking the power back from the disease, allowing the healing to begin.

We also learned we can simply change the dialogue we share each and every day by getting rid of shame and guilt. This even applies to corporate America to end the stigma that feeds this crisis in the American workplace.

In addition, within our walls we uncovered a piece that is close to many: The effect alcoholism has on children and teens. We discussed the importance of more conversations, resources, and support to help them. Kids and teens need to be offered a trusted source and given a safe space to talk when ready. 

Finally, we were reminded that there is “no one size fits all.” Each child and teen is different in his or her experience, memories, and feelings. Yet most importantly, kids need to be told, even just one more time, how much we love them.

A big “Thank You” from our entire Voices InCourage team for your support. We wish you all a wonderful holiday season! See you in 2023!