In case you missed some, here are our “Top 5 Best Voices InCourage Podcasts of 2023.” These top picks were the most viewed, or liked, amongst our readers and podcast listeners. These podcast guests are standouts due to their ability to get us thinking deeper and reaching higher for those standards to which we hold ourselves everyday. You will cry, and sometimes even laugh, with these relatable guests.

Top 5 VIC Podcasts of 2023

#21 - An Interview with Andy Graham: A Father & Son’s Story of Addiction (03/28/2023)

CEO Andy Graham opens up about his son Scott's battle with cocaine addiction and depression. Delve into a parent's poignant struggle, from pivotal, tough love decisions like letting Scott live in his car, to a transformative moment where Scott guides his father toward personal growth: "Dad, the way you can help me is to do your own work."

#24 - From Junkie to Judge: One Woman’s Triumph Over Trauma and Addiction 

Mary Beth O”Connor Author of From Junkie to Judge (05/09/2023)

Discover Mary Beth O’Connor’s extraordinary journey from addiction to becoming a federal Administrative Law Judge. In this podcast, Mary Beth shares key insights: recovery is attainable even after two decades of struggle, diverse pathways to success exist, and open conversations can break the stigma of alcoholism. Mary Beth’s story is so powerful she has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, and Recovery Today. 

#31 - How to Get Out of the Silence of Alcoholism 

Dana Killion Author of Where The Shadows Dance  (08/15/2023)

Uncover the compelling journey of Dana Killion, acclaimed author of "Where the Shadows Dance" and a former wife to an alcoholic. Dive into the sacrifices made by wives of alcoholics and the transformative lessons they learn while finding their truth amidst chaos. Experience the emotional turmoil of loyalty versus self-preservation, as Dana bravely shares her story of shattered promises and the realization that saving her husband meant losing herself. 

#35 - Robin Detmer on Self-love, Forgiveness, and the Ultimate Surrender (10/10/2023)

Co-Author of The Open Book

Robin Detmer is a woman who asked for a softened heart. Robin shares her captivating journey as a child from Belize's wilds tainted by abuse from her addicted father, to later co-authoring The Open Book. Listen as Robin unveils the profound transformation from a hardened heart to self-love, forgiveness, and surrender, offering an intimate conversation that promises inspiration, challenge, and enlightenment. 

#36 - Jim Horton’s Holiday Advice for Grieving Parents (10/24/2023)

Prepare for a podcast episode that may well be the most profound and impactful from Voices InCourage. Whether you've grappled with the loss of a child to addiction, or are simply a concerned parent navigating your child's substance use, this episode is for you. Jim Horton's courageous vulnerability touches the core of every parent as he shares his insights on handling the holidays after losing his son, Zach, to addiction. This is a must listen!

From a dad’s heartfelt conversation about what it’s like at the holidays without his son, to a woman who went from a junkie to a federal judge, we hope these podcasts somehow help you not just “get through” the holidays, but enjoy them with light, love, happiness, and hope.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday season. We are excited for what’s to come in 2024!