From the Perspective of an Addict’s Loved One: Transmuting Pain Into Service 

When we are in deep pain or we have these hardships in our life, we have to learn how to transmute them and turn them into something different – not just overcoming it. 

As for KL Wells, she decided to transmute her pain into service by helping others whose loved ones are struggling with addiction.

Today, KL talks about her project, Voices InCourage, a community that provides that space where you actually feel heard on a multitude of layers and levels, and that people get you because they’ve walked that path. Then you can be raw and real, and transmute it for yourself so it serves your journey.  

In this episode, you will hear:

  • KL’s journey as the loved one of different addicts

  • The two major questions from which Voices InCourage was born out of

  • The two life-defining moments for KL

  • Transmuting your challenges instead of overcoming them

  • Embracing our traumas and grief

Listen to the Podcast HERE!