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Addiction never affects just the addict. It affects all of us. Addiction and alcoholism are also life changing battles for families and friends dealing with a loved one’s addiction. There are an abundance of resources to support addicts as they reclaim their lives. Sadly, there are very few for the addict’s families, who encounter challenges and the unknown without guidance or a road map.

At Voices InCourage our goal is to transform the lives of families and loved ones of addicts and alcoholics from “surviving to thriving” in the midst of chaos. We share stories of real people and families who have addicted friends and relatives, and what they have learned - the good and the bad. We provide a safe community to help these families face and walk through their emotions, learn how to navigate this challenging path, and ultimately, put themselves first to live their best lives.

Welcome to the Voices InCourage Podcast.

In today’s Voices InCourage episode, we feature Jen Lee Hirst, a dynamic full-time working mom

How Women Thrive In Sobriety With Coach Jen Lee Hirst

Embracing our emotions has incredible healing power, yet can be one of the hardest acts

Emotional Trauma The Power Of Resiliency With Therapist & Trauma Coach Cerita Yvonne

Growing up with alcoholism in the family creates a storm many families cannot weather alone.

Growing Up With Alcoholism With Marci Hopkins, Author Of “Chaos To Clarity”

Relapse is a part of the journey for a majority of addicts. KL Wells opens

How To Thrive When A Loved One Relapses

Experience a transformative conversation with Susan Bartz Herrick in today’s episode that dives into the heartbreaking loss

Susan Bartz Herrick On Reinventing Your Life After Losing A Son To Addiction

  In today’s episode, we have author, podcast host, speaker, and grief therapist Claire Bidwell

Unraveling Grief With Author & Grief Therapist Claire Bidwell Smith

  Life is a whirlwind, especially when you’re a parent facing the challenges of your

Dr. Kate Lund On The Power Of Optimism

  As we navigate this year’s holiday season, Dr. Bill Crawford is back in today’s

Dr. Bill Crawford On Finding Clarity In The Chaos Of Addiction During The Holidays

  Did you know it takes at least 9 months for a brain to recover

Understanding The Mind And Brain Of Addiction

Dr. Willis challenges us to explore the stories we tell ourselves. Dr. Lynyetta Willis, a

Dr. Lynyetta Willis On The 5 PATHS Of Shifting Human Behavior

  In the turbulent landscape of addiction, anger often emerges as an unwelcome companion. In

Resentment To Understanding: Managing Anger When Addiction Hits Home

  Prepare for a podcast episode that may well be the most profound and impactful

Jim Horton’s Holiday Advice For Grieving Parents

  In this episode of Voices InCourage, we welcome Robin Detmer, a woman whose life

Robin Detmer On Self-love, Forgiveness And The Ultimate Surrender.

  If you’ve ever welcomed a loved one back after their release from prison, you

The Journey After Prison Release

This is a story of empathy, understanding, and unwavering love with Jan Salisbury, whose daughter

How To Love Someone With Alcoholism With Jan Salisbury


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