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Addiction never affects just the addict. It affects all of us. Addiction and alcoholism are also life changing battles for families and friends dealing with a loved one’s addiction. There are an abundance of resources to support addicts as they reclaim their lives. Sadly, there are very few for the addict’s families, who encounter challenges and the unknown without guidance or a road map.

At Voices InCourage our goal is to transform the lives of families and loved ones of addicts and alcoholics from “surviving to thriving” in the midst of chaos. We share stories of real people and families who have addicted friends and relatives, and what they have learned - the good and the bad. We provide a safe community to help these families face and walk through their emotions, learn how to navigate this challenging path, and ultimately, put themselves first to live their best lives.

Welcome to the Voices InCourage Podcast.

In today’s podcast, KL Wells and Tucker Stine reflect on celebrating one year of the

Voices InCourage 1 Year Anniversary Podcast

  Today, KL Wells sits down with her friend and collaborator, Rachelle Babler, a TEDx

“What I Learned From My 34-Day ‘Dry.’”

  In today’s podcast, KL meets Mary Beth O’Connor, author of “From Junkie to Judge:

From Junkie To Judge: One Woman’s Triumph Over Trauma And Addiction

  Today KL sits down again with Sparkle, who is 30 years sober from her

Sparkle – You Can’t Own My Addiction

  Today KL Wells is back with Jim Horton, the founder of the Zachary Horton

Jim Horton On The Loss Of A Child To Addiction

  We live to see drug addicts in our community but never hear the tale

An Interview With Andy Graham: A Father And Son’s Story Of Addiction

  Just as mental health education is becoming more accepted within the workplace, addiction education

Addiction Education And Safe Spaces In The Workplace

Today, KL Wells interviews Vanessa Sexson, a neuro-therapist who has been in the healing profession

Vanessa Sexson On Neurofeedback – What It Is And How It Can Change Your Life

KL Wells sits down with Steve Cary, who has been part of the Voices InCourage

Removing 95% Of Drinking From My Life

  Meet Janet, an elite fitness coach who happens to be the mother of an

A Mother’s Thriving Mindset In the Midst of Her Daughter’s Addiction

  What should you say to a loved one with an addiction problem? Just like

The Dos And Don’ts Of Addiction

  Welcome back to another episode where our host KL Wells reconnects with Tucker Stine,

Shame And Judgment In The Workplace – Part 2

  Is it possible to thrive in the middle of alcohol addiction? What role do

Dr. Bill Crawford On Thriving In The Midst Of Disease

  We take a moment to check in with our VPs Tucker and Jenn, who

Marriage And The Road To Recovery

  Grief is natural to humans, and its intensity resonates with our love for others.

Dr. Bill Crawford On Grieving The Shattered Dream


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