KL Wells Talks Addiction, Denial and Self-Care with Jim Horton

Jim Horton and his wife lost their son, Zach, to an accidental overdose from his opioid addiction. Zach was only 19 years old.

Jim invites our CEO, KL Wells, as a guest on his podcast, 'Zach's Life'. As two loving parents of addicts, they share an open, deep, and honest conversation about what it’s like being the parent of an addict.

In the conversation Jim states, “Where there is pain, there is growth.” He shares with KL his experiences with the stigma of addiction while being in denial. For a very long period of time, Jim and his wife, Lynn, had no idea Zach was an addict.

Jim also shares how he and Lynn didn’t know how to care for themselves in the midst of their son’s crisis, and discusses the importance of self-care for the parents of a user. Watch as KL dives deeper into her “5 Acts of Courage” to help parents like Jim. 

Jim and KL also touch on “fight or flight” and being in crisis, losing hope, and wrestling with the blame game between the addict and the loved ones. 

This is a very special podcast. If you are the parent of an addict, you don’t want to miss this!


Zach’s Life: A Story of Love, Addiction, Loss, Grief & Recovery

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