Life hands us distractions. 

Work deadlines. Unexpected interruptions. The holidays are here, and it’s easy to not prioritize ourselves when life gets busy.

I’ve been there, and I still do it all the time. Sometimes I forget to eat, and then crash at 3 in the afternoon. Or, I skip important rest periods and just keep grinding.

I’ve learned the problem with that is, it will catch up with you, and then you’re doing damage control. So today we’re revisiting G-R-A-P-E-S, which is a daily exercise and reminder to keep ourselves anchored and healthy as our number one priority.

G-R-A-P-E-S 🍇A Simple Daily Exercise To Keep You at #1🍇

G~ Be Gentle With Your Expectations. Set realistic expectations and be kind to yourself. Find solace in activities like reading a self-help book, taking a nature walk, or connecting with your inner self. Taking a moment to align your expectations with reality is helpful in assessing yourself that you're on the right track.

R~ Find a Moment of Relaxation. Whether it's a brief meditation, bath, or sitting in the sun, let this be your time to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul, releasing any overwhelm.

A~ Accomplish One Meaningful Task. Start with a simple accomplishment, like preparing a healthy meal or completing a work assignment. Avoid overload; focus on quality over quantity to prevent burnout.

P~ Prioritize Pleasure and Happiness. Dedicate time to activities that bring you joy, whether it's watching a sitcom or engaging in a hobby. Hold yourself accountable for your happiness—it's your responsibility.

E~ Exercise for 30-60 Minutes. Adapt to your circumstances; even small actions like taking stairs count. Balance exercise with other sources of pleasure to ensure a harmonious life.

S~ Stay Socially Connected. Send a text, have coffee with a friend, or make a phone call. Surround yourself with positive influences, understanding that our connections shape who we become. Prioritize social interactions to maintain human connection and support.

If you need more balance or harmony in your life, try this exercise each day for a week. I did, and for me, this eventually became commonplace and a habit. It made me realize all the areas of my life I was overloading, and other areas I was neglecting. 

You may find you, too, were in the habit of doing it all– accomplishing so much, and doing nothing for yourself. You’ve earned not only the chance to prioritize yourself and your health, but the opportunity to find joy and peace.

Plus, it’s a lot more fun when you put yourself first. Because no one else will. Life is short, so surround ourselves with those who make us happy, and do things that keep us young. You might surprise yourself in what you not only find, but what you have been waiting to become.