How do we cure the winter blues and make ourselves #1 in 2023?

The Christmas tree and outside twinkle lights have been pulled down and put away. All that’s left are scraps of tinsel, specks of glitter, and tiny pieces of wrapping paper that got stuck between couch cushions. What has newly appeared, however, are those lovely pounds we put on from those deliciously frosted green Christmas tree brownies that delighted us while we finished our must-see list of Christmas movies.

The sight of a bare house that was just filled with people, laughter, and the occasional broken glass is now replaced by an empty quiet that didn’t appear so heavy before. It’s easy for one to feel low, and quite frankly, get downright depressed.

So, how do we cure these winter blues, pick ourselves up, dust off the tinsel, and make ourselves #1 in 2023? It’s so easy to say we want to be better and have new goals for 2023. It’s a lot harder to actually get up and do them, especially with the winter blues and the extra five pounds tugging at our waistline.

5 Simple Ways to Put Yourself as #1:

  1. Actively continue to be in the present, as you work towards your goals in the future. Do not look back at things you wish went one way, when they went the other. This is wasted time when you need to give mental, emotional, and physical efforts to new, fresh goals and perspectives such as healthy meal planning along with daily exercise. 
  2. Do something nice for yourself you wouldn’t normally do. Like buying a new shirt, or getting that hike in you never seem to have time for. When you replenish your battery, or do something nice for yourself, you actually get more done after because you’ve ignited your positive energy.
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of the sun. Get outside between winter storms, and allow what little Vitamin D we get in the winter soak into your mind and body. This enhances your mood, which gets us moving when the winter blues attempt to sink in after the holidays.
  4. For just a moment, stop what you’re doing, and focus on you and what you want. Don’t think about your sick loved one, or the kids, or the chores, or all that you have to clean up after the holidays. What is something you want? Go and do it. And if it takes planning to get it done, outline in your calendar a path to achieve this one special thing you want to do just for you.
  5. Get out your calendar and start planning. Plan days for work. Mark these in orange. Plan days for rest. Mark these as yellow. Plan days for fun. Mark these in green. This visually allows you to see if you’re over prioritizing work, or maybe not getting enough “fun” in. We are never too old to laugh and have fun. This keeps us young.

Take a moment and do just one of the items from above. This sets you on the path of prioritizing yourself. It also requires you to get up and actively do something for yourself, without just thinking about it. Yes, your loved one may still be sick, and his or her addiction may be overwhelming and distracting at times. But:

Stay on your path. Remember: only you can prioritize you.