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The 5 Acts of Courage:

Strategies for Rising Above Crisis

  • Do you have a loved one in your life that is struggling with alcoholism or addiction?
  • Do you feel like you are isolated and alone and no one understands what you are going through?
  • Are you trying to do everything on your own and don't know where to turn for help?

You are never alone...

You have the power to change your situation!

What You’ll Learn in This Course:

You will learn actionable strategies to navigate the stress, shame, guilt and stigma surrounding the disease.

You will be given a roadmap to build resilience in the face of crisis.

You will be able to create a personalized plan for moving forward in your life.

You will regain a sense of control and hope for the future


Allow for Feeling Emotions

Repressed emotions get stuck in our bodies.  Blocked feelings are the barriers to joy, functional behavior, and opening our hearts.  Learn how to SHIFT your response from negative energy to positive energy. 

Self Care is Non-Negotiable

It is okay to put yourself and your self-care first.  Learn strategies to shift your environment so you can build and maintain a positive emotional and energy management plan.

How to Build a Powerful Community

95% of your success is directly determined by who you surround yourself with on a regular basis.  Learn how to build a safe and trusted community that will hold the space for you, without fear of judgment.

Own Your Own Beliefs

Mindset is a skill set that can be learned!  Are you asking empowering questions?  Learn these tools and you'll acquire the skills that will help you become more of the person you want to be.

Become a Lifelong Learner

Learn from the knowledge and experiences of others - they are available to us right now.  The currency of addiction is shame and isolation!  Learn how to conquer and overcome this by finding inspiration from people that have navigated the same trauma you are going through.






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