Core Values

Our Five Core Values

Here at Voices InCourage, we feel it is important to share with you our "5 Core Value System."

We want you to know what we stand for, what we seek in ourselves and our community members, and what we hope to integrate throughout our community and experiences together.

Courageous authenticity

We operate with the intention of being radically transparent, offering a platform of high trust and respect.

Permission to ask for help

We meet people where they are, and give permission to step up, take risks, and perhaps even fail at times, in order to find a better path for ourselves.

Vigilant learning

We seek constant knowledge to encourage understanding, compassion, and care for ourselves and others.

galvanized servant leadership

We strive for global social change and awareness that changes the conversation of addiction in today’s society.

unconditional acceptance and love

We harness our passion and collective experience to create a thriving community based on unbreakable honesty and human resilience.

Who We Are  (And Who We Are Not)

Who we are:

A team whose mission is to create an authentic and safe space for families and friends of addicts and alcoholics, built on a community of like-minded individuals who are seeking to change the narrative on addiction and alcoholism. 

We are a group of mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, friends and loved ones who have a family member struggling with alcoholism and/or addiction. We are seeking new solutions to support our journey forward.

We are here to provide coaching, support groups, tools and resources to help you navigate the chaos of addiction and alcoholism in your family. We are here to help you find your center and peace. Our intention is to elevate your mindset, hearts, and skillset from surviving to thriving.

Who we are not:

We are not a team of certified doctors or therapists that offer therapy, or treat your mental health concerns. We encourage you to see a certified specialist, licensed doctor, or professional therapist when it comes to mental health needs.


Who we are:

We are walking in your shoes, and share many of the same feelings and stories every single day. The therapy sessions, the rehab facilities, and everything in between. We understand. We have a genuine interest and passion in helping others like you to build a community of trust, strength, empowerment, and compassion. We will provide you with numerous resources, content, coaching, training and more- which is all part of your membership.

Who we are not:

We will not do the work for you. We will be there beside you during the journey. When you become a member, it is up to YOU to do the internal work, dive deep, and utilize as many resources as possible in order for you to make the greatest transformation possible. 


Who we are:

We are real people who have faced trials and tribulations, and we are always learning and growing ourselves. Through the power of sharing our stories, we grow and heal together. We facilitate a collective journey of helping you move from surviving to thriving. At the same time, we actively engage in healthy boundaries to help each individual make strides to becoming more inter-dependent and self-sufficient.

Who we are not:

We are not perfect. We make mistakes, too. But behind every attempt, we assure you is a genuine heart who wants to help you. We have learned that from most hardships come great achievements, which we celebrate together. 


Who we are:

We are a community designed with your mental and emotional safety in mind. Our intention is to create a safe place for mutual trust to thrive. Honest, candid communication and teamwork are integral to the success and roots of our community. This is the backbone of our growth and success, so we expect that from each of our members.

Who we are not:

We are not tolerant of any breach in our safety contract, such as offensive, inappropriate, or negative language, as well as sharing information outside of the community. We reserve the right to remove any member if the safety of another member is compromised

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