Why No One Was Calling Me Anymore

The amount of times my friends asked me to coffee, and I refused, was becoming so commonplace, they eventually stopped asking me. It was hard waking up to that realization, after I began to notice that nobody was calling me anymore. While that hurt my feelings, I recognized I had done this to myself. 

It wasn’t until I asked myself, “Why did you shut everyone out?” did I grasp and understand why- it was because sitting with other moms discussing their happy, healthy, growing families and lives was too painful to hear and sit through. Hearing about husband’s promotions, new jobs, or opportunities, or the latest ski trip or home remodeling, became too heartbreaking to sit through conversation, and pretend like everything was ok in my world. There not only was no vacation or home improvement, there became no job and eventually no money. 

I was on a remote island, unable to identify with people I had once called close friends. I was so different and alone. 

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