October 25, 2021

Pieces of You

Dreams can do funny things. They can make you recall moments and people of the past, and sometimes give you a glimpse into the “what ifs.” Inevitably, we all lose and gain different pieces of ourselves, even when we don’t want to. I woke up from one of the most vivid dreams I’ve had in a

October 22, 2021

Justin Balunsat interviews KL Wells: Creator and Founder of “Voices in Courage” The Alcoholic Entrepreneur podcast is a fresh new podcast that explores what it takes to be successful in sobriety and in entrepreneurship.  “As someone who is both sober and an entrepreneur I truly believe that the mindset to be successful in both sobriety and

October 21, 2021

When Your Heart Breaks

I knew waking up at 3:45 am for my 4:30 shift two mornings a week, which was a rollover from working the late shift the night before, was too much for our situation. But I didn’t feel like I had much choice, as I was hired as a coach, and those were the hours of

October 19, 2021

When I Could Tell No One, and I Had So Much to Say

Al-Anon just wasn’t for me. I have been to over 50 various meetings throughout my area. Oftentimes I was sitting in mostly a circle of women, some knitting, about 12-15 of us. When I would get there, I was always rushed, always late. I would have just a short time before I would have to

September 16, 2021

Then and Now Inside a Wife's Perspective

What I looked like back then:I was angry. Really angry. I worked out tirelessly and aggressively to get out all my emotions. It was the only “healthy” way I knew how to release all my emotions. I looked great, but I banged up my body so much because I would overtrain, never rest, and cause

September 16, 2021

Then and Now Inside a Family Perspective

What it looked like back then is much different than now. Sometimes I have to stop myself in even the littlest of things, just to remind myself to pause, soak it in, and be grateful. It’s the simple things, the smallest changes, that have created the greatest impact on our lives.So as you read what it

September 13, 2021

Always Leave the Light On

I remember the first time I made sure to leave the light on. It was the night after our son got his driver’s license. I was like a worried mother duckling waiting at the window to make sure he got home safely. I turned on every outside light of our house so when he arrived, our

September 9, 2021

Reality vs. Fantasyland

Having your children grow up is tough for any parent. All the moments you think will always be there, and then one day you wake up, and feel like life has passed you by.I remember like it was just yesterday, a vision of a time when I was brutally exhausted as a new mom, but

September 8, 2021

From Pain to Purpose - Positive Sobriety Podcast

Addiction is a painful experience for plenty of people – not just addicts.  Positive Sobriety Podcast with David Hampton and Nate LarkinParents, siblings, partners, and colleagues of addicts are affected by the disease as well.  In this inspiring conversation David Hampton and Nate Larkin speak with KL Wells, founder of Voices InCourage. They talk about

September 6, 2021

Surviving to Thriving

Twenty years later our dates now become first datesThis may sound silly, but when he was diagnosed as an alcoholic years ago, I quietly thought to myself, “Well how are we going to date?” I had then realized many of our pastimes revolved around romantic candlelit dinners with champagne, wine and cheese, adult escapes to