April 6, 2023

The imprint of memories can sometimes be so vivid that they remain etched in our minds long after they’ve occurred. One such memory of mine, though years old, is as clear as if it were just yesterday. It’s a story of fear, desperation, and ultimately, courage – a narrative that will hopefully resonate with some

March 28, 2023

VIC 21 | Story Of Addiction

March 21, 2023

Image of Zach with description of the Zachary Horton Foundation

KL Wells Talks Addiction, Denial and Self-Care with Jim HortonJim Horton and his wife lost their son, Zach, to an accidental overdose from his opioid addiction. Zach was only 19 years old.Jim invites our CEO, KL Wells, as a guest on his podcast, ‘Zach’s Life’. As two loving parents of addicts, they share an open,

March 14, 2023

VIC 20 | Addiction Education

February 28, 2023

VIC 19 | Neurofeedback

February 21, 2023

Father and son talking to one another

We’ve had some pretty substantial moments recently as a family. One being our son’s acceptance into college. Both my son and I toasted his achievement when he got into the college of choice.We both knew what was missing. His toast with his dad.There have been many moments that my husband hasn’t partaken in since his

February 14, 2023

VIC 18 | Social Drinker

February 7, 2023

Woman sitting with her hands on her head looking very sullen

When things start to go well, some things may start to happen on the inside.You may start to feel guilty for thoughts you had in the past for wanting, or perhaps needing, to leave when things got really bad when his disease was out of control. You think to yourself, “Things are so good now,

January 31, 2023

VIC 17 | Addiction

January 24, 2023

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At the Height of My Husband’s Disease, I was OverwhelmedWhen I was in the “thick of it” at the height of my husband’s disease, I was overwhelmed. Pink and yellow late payment notices were flooding our mailbox as our bank account depleted. I was working overtime and could barely keep my head above water with