September 19, 2023

Image of a woman, double exposure with storm clouds behind her and effects of inner light inside her.

I Allowed Harsh Words to Shape My Existence For far too long, I allowed harsh words that were said to me shape my existence. Not only did I listen to those criticisms, but I also started to internalize and believe them.  It’s incredible how repeated negativity can slowly erode your self-worth and confidence. Doubt creeps

September 12, 2023

VIC 33 | Alcoholism

This is a story of empathy, understanding, and unwavering love with Jan Salisbury, whose daughter is a recovering alcoholic of 18 years. Learn as we explore how every individual’s chemistry is different and how becoming aware of these differences can be the first step toward support. We unveil the concept of being emotionally detached without

September 5, 2023

A woman giving a fist bump with another person.

Over a month ago I found out my mom got really sick while we were away on vacation. They waited until I got back, but it was serious enough for the hospital, and something that changed her daily life and need for care. When this happened, I was spinning. I couldn’t handle one more thing.

August 29, 2023

VIC 32 | Drug Addiction

Join us for an emotionally charged episode that dives deep into the raw realities of love and crisis. KL Wells’ world shattered as her beloved son, Sam, fell into the grip of drug psychosis, and was taken to jail right before her eyes. But within the shadows of despair emerged an unexpected glimmer of hope

August 15, 2023

VIC 31 | Alcoholism

  Uncover the compelling journey of Dana Killion, acclaimed author of “Where the Shadows Dance,” and a wife to an alcoholic. In this heart-rending podcast episode, KL engages in a candid conversation, delving into the sacrifices made by wives of alcoholics and the transformative lessons they learn while finding their truth amidst chaos and getting

August 1, 2023

VIC 30 | Openness To Change

  Imagine moving From Junkie to Judge and the depth of work and clarity it took for Mary Beth O’Connor to achieve this goal. Today, learn what happened after she decided to get clean and sober, while her best friend and sister did not. How did she handle those feelings of despair and terror and

July 18, 2023

VIC 29 | Healing Power of Silence

  Have you ever been in so much pain you’ve had to shut down emotionally? You stop allowing yourself to feel your emotions just so you can survive and keep going, because the reality of what you are facing is so painful you cannot even begin to allow yourself to walk through and acknowledge the

July 11, 2023

A beach with palm trees & a beautiful sunset. From the palm tress a person is swinging

In the first year of my husband’s sobriety, he wanted to go back to our honeymoon spot in Maui. I was excited, yet also hesitant, because I wasn’t sure how it was going to go having him not be able to engage in our usual sunset Mai Tais. Our family took a leap of faith

July 4, 2023

VIC 28 | Holiday Traditions

  Holidays are meant to bring about happy celebrations, but what happens when a family member’s addiction turns them into fearful anxiety? KL Wells is back with Tucker Stine as they discuss the challenges that come with reinventing family traditions for the summer holidays when the disease of addiction takes over. With the 4th of

June 27, 2023

a mother and her daughter sitting on a couch in a sunlit room having a discussion

Most parents wonder what goes through the minds of their teenage son or daughter. The teen years of a healthy, functioning family can be tough enough, yet adding a parent’s alcoholism in the home can add even more stress, anxiety, and fear of the unknown.  Often children don’t share their thoughts and feelings until they