August 16, 2021

Personal Development

When you actually take a moment, whether it’s stepping out of the storm, or leaving it behind all together, you may realize you have to learn a new dance. Our loved one is not the same person you met years ago; addiction has changed them. Whether it’s a partner, child, sibling, or friend, it’s time

August 13, 2021

I was a machine

I began to hold the persona of Wonder Woman or Superman – when in reality I was Clark Kent.I was a machine. I had hollowed out my body to a shell of a woman. I couldn’t feel. I couldn’t shed one more tear. The only emotion that came up within me was anger. And it

August 12, 2021


You can achieve what you set out to do.It’s never too late to change direction in your life. It can be a simple turn, redirection, or a complete 180. The first steps might feel more than tough. In fact, they may feel hopeless. The only thing you require of yourself that first day is to

August 9, 2021

Out of the storm and the world has changed

What do you do when you come out of the storm and the whole world has changed? When I was in the middle of the chaotic storm of his disease, I was overwhelmed with fear, doubt, change, and the unknown. Would he get well? Would he wake up to the damage that he continues to

August 5, 2021

Fall From Grace

How I lost my faith in God – and how I got it back unexpectedlyThis piece is one of the hardest to write emotionally. It’s about how I lost my faith in God, and how I got it back unexpectedly one Friday morning. I stopped going to church when he was drinking, because he would show

August 2, 2021

We were finally an Average American Family

The Only Thing I Was Modeling For My Kids Was SurvivalHere’s a story of hope. Of actual real light at the end of the tunnel. The kind I was telling you about. Be prepared, it can show up out of nowhere, and you could easily pass by it without seeing the real wonder and beauty

July 28, 2021

Self-Care’s Hidden Secret: Guilt

How Do We Handle the Guilt That Can Come With Self Care?We all know self-care is crucial in almost all circumstances – for new mothers, with stressful jobs, caring for sick loved ones… but how do we handle the guilt that may come with it? How do we follow through with that promise to prioritize

July 26, 2021

MOM - The Show That Addresses the Chaos of Alcoholism

They Were Making It Okay To Talk About The DiseaseWhen he first started drinking, I had absolutely nowhere to turn to except Al-Anon meetings, and for me, they were really depressing. Hearing about divorce, death, and tragedy made me feel even more hopeless. While I appreciated the resource, I often left, sometimes feeling worse than

July 25, 2021

Clean or Sober Podcast with Ray T

“There are meetings for alcoholic addicts, sponsors, retreats, but there are little resources for us loved ones who are also dealing with a lot of our own issues.”Clean or Sober Podcast, with Ray T., is a podcast about people in sobriety or recovery. They share their stories, talk about funny, hilarious, or crazy war stories. This

July 23, 2021

Woman’s Best Friend

Adjusting To His SobrietyAbout three years ago, when my husband was adjusting to his sobriety, the children and I were often greeted with a cranky, unkind, and terse family member. It was taking a toll on him adjusting to this new sober lifestyle, having more bad days than good. While it was a lot on