November 1, 2022

Top Ten Ways To Take Back Control at the HolidaysThe holidays are stressful enough these days, never mind the fact that Christmas items are now on shelves weeks before Halloween. The typical hustle and bustle can be overwhelming, and adding a family member or friend who is an alcoholic can make the taxing time at

October 25, 2022

VIC 10 | Alcoholism

  Sol Espinosa is a Holistic Nutrition Health Coach, a Mexican living in Australia, a married mother of two tweens, a marketing entrepreneur, and the daughter of an alcoholic. For the majority of her life, she had a mother who was not emotionally available. A lot of inner work and her studies as a health coach

October 18, 2022

Husband Washing the Car

I craved as a mother to have a family and grow as an “average American family.”Here’s a story of hope. Of actual real light at the end of the tunnel. The kind I was telling you about. Be prepared. It can show up out of nowhere, and you could easily pass it by without seeing

October 11, 2022

VIC 9 | Thriving Life

  Addiction can bring your life into total disarray, messing up your career and relationships. Despite this depressing end result, the hope of regaining a thriving life will never be gone. In this episode, Ken Clark shares how to discover self-care amid grief and shame. He talks about facing unaddressed trauma and transforming a crisis

October 4, 2022

A mother talking with her daughter about alcoholism in the family

Teens are not big talkers usually to adults. In speaking to local teens of addicts and alcoholics, I found in general, teens are not big talkers usually to adults.We often see teens talking nonstop to friends and peers, but when it comes to talking to parents or adults, they don’t appear as excited or forthcoming about

September 27, 2022

VIC 8 | Power Of Forgiveness

  Today’s guest shifts the conversation around substance abuse disorder and makes forgiveness the dominating theme. Annie is a writer, speaker, and family advocate who focuses on addiction and family dynamics.  Most importantly, she’s the mother of a son who is an addict. In 2016, Annie published her memoir, Unhooked: A Mother’s Story of Unhitching from

September 20, 2022

Food for a football party. Table with bowls of chips, dips, salsa, cookies and drinks

I grew up watching NFL Sundays in the ’80s with my family. Grandma’s onion dip and deviled eggs. Supermarket hot chicken wings. Mom’s special hot cheese dip, which made the Easy Cheese whiz look like an amateur appetizer.My family did NFL Sundays right back in the 80s.What it really was, was an excuse to get

September 13, 2022

  Jeff Bristol is in his ninth year of recovery from drugs and alcohol, and is currently the co-owner at one of the top 10 gyms in the US. Jeff shares his heartbreaking story of spending his twenties in the turmoil of his addiction- in and out of prison and rehab for almost a decade.

August 30, 2022

VIC 6 Jenn | Alcoholism

  Voices InCourage VPs Jenn and Tucker open up about their struggles and successes while handling the dynamics of Tucker’s alcoholism and recovery. They share their ups and downs, failures and triumphs, as they continue to navigate this disease in their marriage and as parents. They uncover the unexpected, the real and raw scenarios that

August 23, 2022

Woman on a dock looking at the water

I remember the years when he was newly sober, and I had hoped we would start to come back together again after his drinking. What happened, actually, was the exact opposite. We grew further apart in his initial months and first years of sobriety. He was unhappy, irritable, short, and angry the majority of the time.