January 17, 2023

VIC 16 | Dos And Don'ts

January 10, 2023

Woman wearing red dress making a heart sign gesture

How do we cure the winter blues and make ourselves #1 in 2023?The Christmas tree and outside twinkle lights have been pulled down and put away. All that’s left are scraps of tinsel, specks of glitter, and tiny pieces of wrapping paper that got stuck between couch cushions. What has newly appeared, however, are those

January 3, 2023

VIC 15 | Shame And Judgment

December 27, 2022

Person holding a wrapped present as a gift

Memorable Podcasts & Lessons LearnedHere are some memorable quotes and lessons from interviews with both VIC members and guests from our podcasts in 2022. We discovered through it all that there is no perfect time to start asking for help, researching this disease, or taking care of yourself. Just find the courage to begin. Here are

December 20, 2022

VIC 14 | Alcohol Addiction

December 13, 2022

Seven Year Itch and The Moment He Said, I Think I Can Drink Again

The Moment He Said “I Think I Can Drink Again”“I’m sorry. Say that again?” I asked.“I think I can drink again,” he replied.I sat there motionless. Speechless.That short conversation was one year ago during the holidays. My husband was just starting his seventh year of recovery when he suddenly dropped that unexpected bomb. I didn’t know

December 6, 2022

VIC 13 | Generational Healing

November 22, 2022

VIC 12 | Grieving The Shattered Dream

November 15, 2022

Cup of hot chocolate on a table during the holidays

I can remember that long cold run I did in the dark among all the shut down restaurants and empty streets that Thanksgiving ten years ago when alcohol had taken over my husband’s mind and body. I realized mid jog I probably shouldn’t be running that late alone in deserted parking lots in complete darkness. But

November 8, 2022

VIC 11 | Shame In Workplace