November 28, 2023

An anchor attached to a chain on a sandy beach

Life hands us distractions.  Work deadlines. Unexpected interruptions. The holidays are here, and it’s easy to not prioritize ourselves when life gets busy. I’ve been there, and I still do it all the time. Sometimes I forget to eat, and then crash at 3 in the afternoon. Or, I skip important rest periods and just

November 21, 2023

VIC 38 | Shifting Human Behavior

  Dr. Lynyetta Willis, a trauma survivor, shares her inspiring insights of personal transformation in five key areas she calls “PATHS”: Perspective, Awareness, Tools, Healing, and Self-Empowerment. Dr. Willis challenges us to explore the stories we tell ourselves. What narratives have shaped our lives, and how can we shift our perspective? Finally, Dr. Willis drops

November 14, 2023

Picture of feet in sand casting a shadow

Here’s a secret about some of us getting back out there.  In relationships, jobs, opportunities, experiences, or friendships… We may be extraordinarily confident in some areas. Like able to walk in a room head held high, eyes spanning the room, able to make any and all eye contact. But here’s the thing. Depends on the

November 7, 2023

VIC 37 | Managing Anger

  In the turbulent landscape of addiction, anger often emerges as an unwelcome companion. In this gripping podcast episode, host KL takes you on a deeply personal journey of transformation, where compassion triumphs over fury. KL divulges her own process of learning to let go of anger’s tight grip, revealing how even the briefest moments

October 31, 2023

Image showing a person on stage in front of a crowd, at a concert.

Living with an active or recovering addict can have its challenges at times. We are all human, and have our good days and bad days. Behaviors learned and adapted during active addiction and drinking mode can spill over and become lifelong habits. One of these habits may include the need to be at “centerstage.” What

October 24, 2023

VIC 36 | Grieving Parents

  Prepare for a podcast episode that may well be the most profound and impactful from Voices InCourage. Whether you’ve grappled with the loss of a child to addiction or are simply a concerned parent navigating your child’s substance use, this episode is for you. Jim Horton‘s courageous vulnerability touches the core of every parent

October 17, 2023

Woman standing in a field of sunflowers with bubbles floating in the air

Pen in hand, I first took to my usual narrative. But then, a fresh thought broke through and instead, I chose to steer my words towards a different horizon: The moment when we start to like ourselves again. Embracing Your Inner You I haven’t felt like my old self a lot these past few months.

October 10, 2023

VIC 35 | Self-Love

  In this episode of Voices InCourage, we welcome Robin Detmer, a woman whose life is a testament to love, resilience, and transformation.   A physical therapist, mother, published author, and shamanic medicine mesa carrier, Robin’s story is as captivating as it is inspiring. Born and raised in the wilds of Belize, her life was

October 3, 2023

woman sitting on a window sill, contemplating

Even when you’ve been working really hard at getting past trauma, the unexpected does happen. And it can come out of nowhere – where your addict is triggered in some form or fashion, and you’re left shocked, speechless, and frozen because you thought you were past all that. And the memories can come flooding back

September 26, 2023

VIC 34 | After Prison Release

  If you’ve ever welcomed a loved one back after their release from prison, you understand the rollercoaster of emotions that ride alongside. In today’s engaging podcast episode, KL reconnects with Jeannie, a mother who has recently welcomed her son back into her life following his battle with addiction and prison release. Together, they explore