August 2, 2022

VIC 4 | Addiction

Joanne and Sarah share their experience as mother and wife of their late son and husband, Bart. During Bart’s struggle with addiction, Joanne and Sarah learned to lovingly detach and navigate life moving forward. They speak on the distinction of engaging versus letting go, walking that fine line, and developing and following through with boundaries

July 19, 2022

VIC 3 | Secrets

Meet Voices InCourage community member Jeannie. Jeannie teaches us an important lesson: “Our Secrets Keep Us Sick.” In this conversation with KL Wells, Jeannie explains the importance of being your authentic self during difficult times and not “stuffing your feelings”. She also touches on one of Voices InCourage’s pillars in the “Five Acts of Courage,”

July 5, 2022

VIC 2 | Breaking Your Silence

  Breaking your silence with an alcoholic spouse can feel almost impossible. In this episode, Jenn joins KL Wells and shares her story about how her fear and internal emotional turmoil as the spouse of an alcoholic prevented her from asking for help. How one Sunday going out for a run changed her entire life

July 1, 2022

Annie Highwater Podcast Unhooked

Annie Highwater & KL Wells – Mom to MomIn this episode, Annie speaks with KL Wells about her journey.  KL openly shares her journey and the perspective that has given her so much comfort and hope while navigating a situation near and dear — the struggles of an addicted child.The purpose of this podcast is

June 20, 2022

VIC 1 | Voices InCourage Podcast

  Welcome to Voices InCourage with KL Wells. In this special first episode, join us as we introduce you to our host. KL Wells brings together loved ones and family members of addicts and alcoholics to create a community of healing, connecting, and rebuilding. For this inaugural episode, KL shares her story and the inspiration

April 8, 2022

Image Showing Power of Creating a Network of Relationships from Just a few interactions

Who You Surround Yourself With is Who You Become!Robin Blanc Mascari interviews KL Wells on the Live Younger YouTube Channel Kl Shares her strategy for building a powerful network relying on three questions to identify and find the people she wanted to build relationships with.

March 7, 2022

For years I avoided going out socially, like having coffee or walking with friends. The disease was seeping fast through our home, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I could not stand trying to pretend that everything was ok, when in reality, things were crashing down. I did not know how to

March 3, 2022

Time on the water on my brother’s boat in Maryland always brought peace and serenity to me. It also brought a much needed break and laughs. I didn’t speak much to what was happening at home. Instead, I craved the “permission” to allow myself to take a hiatus from it all. I would get a taste

February 28, 2022

One of the easiest things for us to feel toward our alcoholic or addict is resentment for time lost. Time lost with children during their golden years of growing up. Time lost in our own golden years as professionals. We miss out on so much with all the chaos of the disease interrupting and distracting us

February 24, 2022

Acceptance is knowing there’s something greater than me.Acceptance that this was my new journey, and that this was my new life, was one of the hardest things for me to digest. I did not want to be married to an alcoholic, I did not choose this for myself. Why did God give me this problem that