“There are meetings for alcoholic addicts, sponsors, retreats, but there are little resources for us loved ones who are also dealing with a lot of our own issues.”

Clean or Sober Podcast, with Ray T., is a podcast about people in sobriety or recovery. They share their stories, talk about funny, hilarious, or crazy war stories. 

This is a place to share the hopeless while at the same time showing you there is hope. This is also a podcast which may touch sensitive topics. 

Most importantly, we share our experience, strength, and hope. 

In this interview, Ray T. speaks with KL about her experiences as she shares the struggles of watching her son deteriorate for years with his own struggle with addiction.  He was arrested multiple times, went through mental hospitals, and finally today has ~7 months clean and sober.

KL shares her journey and founding story of Voices InCourage, which is a platform developed for the loved ones of addictions or alcoholics.  

KL has developed a support system for the family members who may be struggling as a result of theses diseases.

Listen to the podcast HERE!