February 24, 2022

Acceptance is knowing there’s something greater than me.

Acceptance that this was my new journey, and that this was my new life, was one of the hardest things for me to digest. 

I did not want to be married to an alcoholic, I did not choose this for myself. Why did God give me this problem that was so suffocating, life changing, and hopeless? 

They say “God only gives you what you can handle.” There were days when I literally collapsed on my knees on the ground, saying to him, “I cannot do this anymore, this is greater than me, and I cannot handle one more thing.” 

The moment you surrender is when it happens.

The moment you accept this is your new path, and that this is completely out of your hands, is the moment that hope, light, and faith can begin to be restored. 

When you accept this new path to be your journey, you may find things begin to open up. You just need to have faith and acceptance. 

Be willing to walk in your truth. Even when you don’t want to believe it.

Put your sword down. Stop fighting. Instead, open your eyes, surrender, and start walking. Have faith in the unknown. It might surprise you in all the chaos, what new beauty may emerge. 

Healing, change, and happiness can be a part of your life again.