About Our Name

How We Got Our Name: Voices InCourage

Oftentimes with the disease of alcoholism and addiction, the loved ones, family members, and friends are encouraged to be silent. The shame of this disease discourages those around the disease to speak of it. However, we want to change that. 

It is time we stop allowing the shame and guilt associated with this disease to run our lives. The power and poison of this disease needs to end here and now.

At Voices InCourage, we want to change the trajectory around how people behave, act, and respond to the negative powerful forces of alcoholism and addiction.

We want to shed the shame and guilt, and allow the power of honest conversation, unconditional acceptance, and the power of community to come together to change the way we live our lives as the family and friends of a loved one and addict. 

We have a voice, we have a story, and we need support, too. The only way we can let people know our story, and to ask for help, is to have the courage to use our voice.

We want to go from silence to conversation. We want to inspire and create a safe space to encourage people to use their voice and share their story. Hence, Voices InCourage was born.

Welcome. It’s time to start living your best life. Let’s begin.

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