Ever have something stick with you that significantly changed your course of trajectory? I have.

Several  years ago I attended a Mastermind Program that was run by Bo Eason, a former NFL player. There were ten pivotal lessons I learned that have stuck with me ever since.

Here are Those Lessons That I Apply Everyday:

  1. One change, changes everything.
  1. Build who you are based on your own vulnerability.
  1. The moment you think you can’t do it, is your defining moment.
  1. You don’t have to be the best. Just outwork them all.
  1. There’s no going back. Run the miles. 
  1. There’s never a right story, or a perfect story.
  1. Fear can be rocket fuel.
  1. You don’t need to wait to fix others before you’re fixed.
  1. Teaching moments often come through pain. The biggest pain is often the biggest opportunity.
  1. You’re the best in the world at being you.

If you even take just one of these, and apply it to your life and your mindset, I promise you your day will change, then your week, then the months, and pretty soon you won’t be able to recognize yourself. 

Just try one. I dare you.