Our Mission: Unite 1 Million People Thriving Amidst Addiction

Join a Groundbreaking Movement Dedicated to Supporting Loved Ones Around Those Battling Addiction!

A Movement of Hope: Aim high with us—towards a future where 1 million loved ones of those facing addiction find strength, support, and joy.

Break the Cycle: Move beyond the constant worry and crisis. Learn strategies to shift from survival mode to a life of fulfillment and joy.

Inspire Change: As you commit to your own journey of thriving, you become a beacon of hope for others. Together, we create a ripple effect, encouraging more families to see beyond the chaos of addiction.

This is a community for YOU.

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As a result of my own journey witnessing my son's battle with addiction, I created Voices InCourage to provide a judgment-free space for people to share their stories, find community and discover hope.


A community that is rooted in human connection, built on a foundation of unconditional trust, and honored as a safe place to discover the voices within us that begin the journey towards healing. 

If you have ever watched a loved one battle this silent disease on their own stage, and tried to be the compassionate director. It’s time to turn the spotlight around.

Permission Granted. You belong in the light. You are worthy of asking for help, too. You are your own honorable soul with a voice in courage.

We’re happy you’re here!

Praise for Voices InCourage

Thank you, Voices InCourage, for creating this support community which shares the painful reality of life for loved ones of addicts and alcoholics. Interviews such as this helped me to understand the torturous, complicated depth of the problems of addiction and anxiety for all involved.

Addict and loving family members are each in their own way in a state of confused despair, rushing to find and navigate effective help, struggling to cope with uncertainty, hurting from the pain and grief of the staggering blow of this invisible menace taking over their lives.

RJT VIC Member

“Thank you Jennifer for being so honest and authentic. It is interesting that even though you both experienced the situation from very different perspectives you both end up learning very similar life lessons. Be yourself, be honest, don't live your life according to others expectations... love yourself first.”

Carmel   VIC Member

I am sharing with you that I had some profound revaluations yesterday & last night as I continue to do my soul's work.

Simply profound awakenings...

Thank you for your amazing support & without it I would not have received this information.  I am truly grateful to my soul's core.

I look forward to continuing my soul's journey work.  My determination in spirit is beyond words... as I marinate in these awakenings...  In gratitude,

Shan VIC Member

Our Mission

To help families recover and heal from the trauma of loved ones suffering from the disease of alcoholism and addiction.